Pros and Cons of Living In First Floor Apartment

Once you are in apartment hunting phase, some questions definitely come in mind regarding living spaces. One of the questions that may come in your mind can be like on which floor your Frisco apartment rentals should be. Most of the people consider first floor to be an ideal place for having an apartment. In paragraphs below, pros and cons of having apartment on 1st floor have been discussed.

First floor Frisco apartments often get the facility of having a garden, yard or an open space right near them. These vacant spaces can provide you with the liberty of having a little garden in it. Moreover, putting two three chairs in them can certainly provide you the facility of enjoying tea or any other meal along with cool fresh air at any time of the day.

First floor means that there is no one living below you. This can give you the luxury to stop worrying about bothering neighbors with the foot traffic or dragging things that make noise and disturb the residents below them. Especially with children in your family, who mostly have a habit of running all day around, the first floor is ideal for you. Neither you have to worry for the neighbors below, nor there is a need to impose restrictions on children for letting them play at their will.

Most apartment lifts are there to serve the purpose of travelling up and down the floors. In case the lifts are not working, it can be hell of a task to go to second or third floor along with groceries or stuff like that. When you live on first floor of cheap apartments in Frisco, you can easily reach your apartment by moving a few steps of stairs. For old people it is also good. One can certainly run out in order to get something down the street or to throw away the garbage. In case of not living on the first floor, one usually is waiting for bundle of work to get collected and then performs all of them once he is downstairs.

When living on first floor, one can certainly afford to live without an air conditioner as the apartments on the first floor have proven out to be cooler. This saves a bit of energy bill.

Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of living on first floor. Lack of privacy can be the greatest disadvantage. Apartment Rentals in Frisco facing street can be really bad as everyone passing from streets can have a view of what you are doing. People looking at your personal activities can be disgusting and uncomfortable. In case of other floors, outsiders cannot have a look due to height.

Closeness to outside streets can also be a problem. The sound of traffic, ambulance horns, and garbage cans can all disturb your routine and activities. The smell that comes from the street can also be of pretty bad odour. Dust and dirt from roadsides and flies from the garbage residing on the roads can immediately have access to the house.